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Recently she has been Coaching the Students at Solent University and Poole College on the Performance and Music Courses. She also took one of the bands at Solent University through their paces before they recorded at Abbey Road. Sarah can put a bespoke package together to suit the course or person. One to one Coaching or Singing Lessons can address any individual needs and help long term development and success.

Virtual and one to one lessons available -

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Acting for Stage and Screen: 

  • Script Work - Audition Technique - Characterisation - Accent Work

  • Stage Presence - Relaxation Techniques - Ident - Improvisation - Timing

  • Camera Angles - Confidence - Stage Directions - Rehearsal Etiquette

  • Repertoire - Blocking - Vocal Technique - Press and Radio Interviews

  • Vocal Hygiene - TV and Film Continuity - Casting Advice - Script Notes

  • Self Tape TV and Film - Hitting Marks - Body Language - Movement​


Sarah Jane brings all her industry experience together to provide inspiring and invaluable masterclasses, teaching and workshops. Her passion and enthusiasm helps her students develop their skills and become dynamic, confident performers. Sarah always brings energy to her coaching that is infectious and strives to nurture talent and help it thrive.

Because Sarah is currently performing in the industry and most recently has just played Annie in Gary Barlow's 'Calendar Girls The Musical' ,Pantomime in Tunbridge Wells and Christmas at The Royal Albert Hall she brings her current industry knowledge and insight to her students. 


"Performing is storytelling whether it's an actor finding the truth in a character or a singer connecting with a song.  
Performers need a safe space to try things out and explore all possibilities. It's a time for discussion and giving practical tips to help a performer feel equipped to enter the industry. 

There is beauty in imperfection and no two people are the same, which is why I encourage performers to celebrate and explore their individuality"  


Singing and Performance:

  • Vocal Technique - Breath Control - Acting in Song- Improvisation- Mic Technique

  • Radio Performance - Relaxation Techniques - Stage Directions - Singing Styles

  • Audition Technique - Repertoire - Projection - Vocal warm Up 

  • Recording Skills - Work Session - Solo Performance - Choreography

  • Vocal Tone - Camera Work - Extending Range - Exploring different Styles

Musician and Band Development:

  • Focus on entering the industry and how to improve a band's communication skills and performance levels. 

  • Performance - Vocal Technique - Recording Skills - Camera Work 

  • Confidence - Development - Individuality - Radio Performance

  • Working with Technicians - Story in Song - Emotional Connection 

  • Writing Techniques - Stamina - Choreography - Movement


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Performance Coach

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